Our main property and reception is at the address Plinarska 11.
We also have 3 rooms at the address Plinarska 12.


Here are some directions how to find Peruzovic Rooms & Apartments:

If you arrive by bus, train or boat/ferry, Peruzovic Rooms are located around 15 minutes walking from the harbor, bus and train station. First you have to find the main promenade of the town (Riva). At the end of promenade, on the right side, there’s the street in which you will see a lot of shops. Name of the street is Marmontova. Enter in this street and keep walking. At the end of the street, turn on the left.
You will see a big yellow building. That’s a Croatian National Theater. Enter in the street on the left side of the Theater. Go straight and you will see the tobacco shop and the street which goes uphill. This street is Plinarska and Peruzovic Rooms are situated at the beginning of street, on number 11. When you come on the main gate, you’ll see the intercom. Just push any button and our staff will open the gate.

Here are directions how you can find us if you are coming with the car:
We don’t have private parking as we are located in the pedestrian zone, but if you find a free spot you can park in the upper side of Plinarska Street (we are located on the lower side of the street, house number 11).
Our advice is to drive through Kastelanska street (on GPS try to write Kastelanska ulica street or Sedam kastela street), then take a turn on left (on the intersection before entering the tunnel) in Matoseva street . Keep driving and in some 50 meters turn right on the first intersection that comes. Enter in Prilaz Vladimira Nazora street. On the first crossroad that comes, go left and you’ll be in Plinarska street.

Some 50 meters from beginning of Plinarska there’s public parking where you must pay for parking. This parking is located 2-3 minutes walking from our property.

We are situated at the beginning of Plinarska street, in house number 11. You can park anywhere in Plinarska street and if you park a car on the street, you don’t need to pay anything. We recommend you NOT TO PARK the car at the first 50 meters of the street.
Street is little bit narrow and we recommend you to drive slowly and keep looking to find a place for parking.
If you can’t find a free parking place then you can leave a car on the public parking. Price of the publice parking is 6 kuna per hour.